Enterprise Protection Information System

IPS-EPIS™ - Enterprise Protection Information System

IPS-EPIS™ stands for Enterprise Protection Information System and offers electrical power utilities a comprehensive power protection software. This includes Data, Setting and Testing Management and Life Cycle Management of Protective Relays.

IPS-EPIS™ Basic offers:
  • Relay Data Management
  • Location Management for Protective Relays
  • Setting Management
  • Test Template Management
  • Protection Testing and Test Document Management
  • Test Result Management
  • Test Automation with XRIO Interface
  • Relay Setting Model Generator
  • World's largest library with relay models integrated (expandable through customer)
  • Management of complete relay settings inclusive calculation primary to secondary and vice versa
  • Management of relay files
  • Increased information quality (with Cyber Security)
  • Unique generator for relay setting data models via relay setting file
  • Definition option of standard test templates
  • Test automation incl. XRIO Generator
  • Result import from different test device software: Omicron, Doble, Programma
  • Cost saving by optimization of protection setting management
  • Fast and easy search after setting information
  • Relay location independent definition of base parameter sets and base parameter templates
  • Easy monitoring of specific settings
  • Inter-Relay Parameter Viewer for evaluation of selected protection settings with primary/secondary parameters (manufacturer and technology independent)
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IPS-EPIS™ - Enterprise Protection Information System
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IPS-EPIS™ Core offers (additional to the IPS-EPIS™ Basic functionalities)

Asset Management (for protection, CT, VT, CVT assets only):
  • Fast research and display of all relevant relay setting information
  • Great control over all settings values through definition of common base settings
  • Management and control of standard protection functions
  • Management of relay specific documents (e. g. grading diagrams) with mapping to relay settings
  • Possibility to evaluate selected setting parameter values about all protective relays in the network (Inter-Relay Parameter Viewer)
  • Possibility to display all recorded setting data for all protective relays
Asset Management (for protection, CT, VT, CVT assets only):
  • Reporting functionalities (predefines reports available)
  • Recording and documentation of all activities:
    • Malfunctions
    • Repairs
    • Location changes
    • IPS-SAP-Bridge™: Interface to SAP
  • Word's largest library with relay models integrated (expandable through customer)
  • Increased information quality (with Cyber Security)
  • Unique generator for relay setting data models via relay setting file
  • High testing automation
  • Direct import of setting data from relay manufacturer software
  • Plausibility check of settings
  • Ensure the accuracy of relay settings
  • Definition of reference settings with change tracking
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IPS-EPIS™ Executive offers (additional to the IPS-EPIS™ Core functionalities)

Asset Management (for protection, CT, VT, CVT assets only)
Maintenance Concept:
  • Maintenance strategy definition
  • Definition of operative action templates
  • Any maintenance strategy and commissioning strategy can be defined and represented
  • Represents future maintenance and commissioning documentation
Work Execution:
  • Execution of maintenance actions and their corresponding tasks
  • These actions and tasks are defined as templates in the module group Maintenance Concept
  • Mobile working with automatic bidirectional synchronization to central server
Maintenance Concept:
  • Any strategy can be represented
  • More than 30 task types are available, check and enter are only two of them
  • Condition based maintenance (automatic notifications, follow-up actions)
  • Different action template types: Inspection, repair, revision, servicing
  • Easy handling of time or condition based maintenance
Work Execution:
  • Easy management of operative maintenance actions
  • A wide range of reporting and statistic functionalities
  • Traffic light function for simple & effective supervision
  • Result import from various test software e. g. DOBLE, Omicron, GE …
  • Creating or taking over foreign work orders (SAP PM, …)
  • Entire automated commissioning and maintenance documentation
  • Easy management of very complex activities e. g. commissioning
IPS-EPIS™ Enterprise offers (additional to the IPS-EPIS™ Executive functionalities)
  • Operational planning
  • Plan execution supervision
Work Ordering:
  • Work Ordering
  • Work order management
Maintenance Analysis:
  • Maintenance improvement management
  • Maintenance accomplishment evaluation
  • Analysis of the maintenance performance
  • User defined maintenance plans
  • User-friendly planning wizard
  • Automatic planning based on action cycles
  • Operational status overview about planned actions
Work Ordering:
  • Work order management system for operational maintenance activities
  • Work plan implementation
  • Control of plan execution
Maintenance Analysis:
  • Maintenance accomplishment supervision and reporting
  • Overview about all maintenance improvements and follow-up actions
  • Management of maintenance processes / concept improvements