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Testimonials and Press releases
You want to know what user of our software think about IPS-SYSTEMS™. The following companies were kind enough to share their opinions about our software.
National Grid SA


Saudi Electricity Company celebration
21st December 2016 – Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; National Grid Saudi Arabia (SA) is celebrating together with the software system house IPS-Intelligent Process Solutions GmbH (IPS) the successful implementation of the “Protection Data Management System (PDMS)” for their transmission network after only ten months of work.

Due to the significant importance of the whole project National Grid SA arranged the project finalization celebration to look back at the two project phases. The top management, incl. the CEO Mr. Laith Al Bassam of National Grid SA, attended the celebration as a reward for IPS and its innovative and path breaking asset and protection management software solution for electrical power networks.

National Grid SA declared this project as a reference and world’s first and biggest project in the field of protection data and setting management software implementation for power networks. Data from more than 120,000 protection relays with more than 170,000,000 setting parameters have been collected kingdom-wide by IPS and NG engineers, verified, and migrated into centralized IPS-EPIS™ (Enterprise Protection Information System) within the first phase.

The successful accomplishment of the first phase was only possible by using IPS Field Data Collection (IPS-FDC™), a wizard-based field data collection tool. This IPS software tool is specialized on protective relay data collection, and offers the opportunity of remote and automated data quality supervision. This allows field data collection in the shortest and optimized time with controlled data quality, and automated data conversion in the production system. Additionally, IPS established a “World Remote Data Control and Supervision Center” which is acting as a control and supervision center for all data collecting activities world-wide.

The scope of the second phase contained the development of a company-wide CIM XML network topology model and the integration of CAPE™ software - a product from our US technology partner Electrocon International, Inc. (EII). Also part of this phase was mapping the existing IPS-Enterprise Protection Information System (IPS-EPIS™) hierarchical data model with a CIM XML Topological Model to establish integrated and highly automated protection setting calculations. Furthermore, this set the fundament for Wide Area Protection Coordination (WAPC) done by Quanta Technologies.

This project was explicitly regarded from National Grid Saudi Arabia because of a very efficient and unselfish knowledge transfer to NG engineers. Today, NG Engineers independently manage this high-end technology, and belong to the top world-class users.

Due to the successful implementation of the IPS-Protection Data Management System, National Grid SA and IPS signed a contract for a new big project in 2017. Within this new project IPS will be working on the optimisation of the maintenance process, and will upgrade the IPS-Enterprise Protection Information System to an IPS-ENERGY™ Enterprise Asset Data and Maintenance Management System with more than 1,200 users.
National Grid SA


SEC - Saudi Electricity Company
After the successful rollout of the PDMS Phase 1 (Protection Data Management System) (see below the highlights of PDMS Phase 1) IPS is starting into the second phase of the PDMS project at Saudi Electricity Company’s transmissions department National Grid SA at the beginning of 2016.

The scope of the second phase includes the development of a company-wide CIM XML network model integrating CAPE™, and mapping the existing IPS-Enterprise Protection Information System (IPS-EPIS™) to establish an integrated protection data management with automated WAPC (Wide Area Protection Coordination).

In this project IPS-Intelligent Process Solutions GmbH integrates CAPE™ – a product from our well-known US technology partner Electrocon International, Inc. (EII). Furthermore, IPS is cooperating with Quanta Technology to finalize the world’s first and biggest project in implementing country-wide Protection Data Management System within 10 months. The project will include more than 120.000 protection relays with more than 100.000.000 setting parameters.

Highlights of PDMS-Project Phase 1:

October 2015 – National Grid SA and IPS-Intelligent Process Solutions GmbH signed the contract about the implementation of the kingdom-wide PDMS Phase 1 (Protection Data Management System). Besides the implementation of the IPS-EPIS™ Enterprise Protection Information System, it is worldwide the first time that the IPS-FDC™ Wizard Based Field Data Collection specialized on protective relays data collection, with remote data quality supervision is deployed. This allows field data collection in the shortest and optimized time with controlled data quality, and automated data conversion in the production system. IPS established a “World Remote Data Control and Supervision Center” which is acting as a control and supervision center for all data collecting activities all over the world. IPS is expecting to finish the PDMS Phase 1 by the end of Mai 2016.
AEP - American Electric Power


AEP - American Electric Power
6/10/2015 Munich Germany – Intelligent Process Solutions GmbH (IPS) announces today the implementation of its advanced Enterprise Asset Management System at American Electric Power Co Inc (NYSE: AEP). The system provides a comprehensive repository of all asset data related to over 5,000 Transmission, Generation and Distribution substations in 15 states.

The functional scope of the system includes Work Planning, Workflow Management, Scheduling and mobile Field Execution as well as intelligent, conditional evaluation and diagnostics of maintenance and inspection results and creation of follow-up actions. Collected data are also available for use in the advanced analytics modules.

The project began nearly two years ago and will increase productivity, reduce errors and assist in regulatory compliance. Additional projects are anticipated to embrace a broader scope of system capabilities and consolidate other existing systems.
Dayton Power and Light


Dayton Power and Light
IPS-RELEX™ is a sophisticated and flexible tool for managing relay assets, settings and test schedules/results. We are very impressed with the high degree of customizable. The Bi-directional interface with CAPE is excellent. It is evident that this product is designed by people who understand the needs of protection engineers.

IPS-RELEX™ is extremely versatile. Users can attach service bulletins and manuals on the relay level which means that whenever someone views a setting that service bulletin and manuals will be there. We can also attach notes, settings calculation, and settings files to each specific relay.

The IPS staff is very knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. Support is excellent with the use of Netviewer. Support via Netviewer allows IPS to walk customers through problems and to provide onsite training.

We have found IPS to be very dedicated to customer service. They have worked hard to meet our needs during all phases of the project. IPS has also demonstrated a willingness to develop and implement customer-specific solutions.
Energieversorgung Offenbach AG
Energieversorgung Offenbach AG
Since several years our company uses the IPS-ENERGY™ database system in the field of secondary technology, which was developed by your company. We want use the recent delivery of the new VDE0109-module to inform you that the product fulfils all the required functions, in the full extent. Those with the introduction of IPS-ENERGY™ related efficiency gains, especially the databased supported testing of protective devices, have exceeded our expectations.

Please send our special thanks for the quick and friendly assistance in all matters relating to the functions of the database also to the employees in your development and support teams. (translated from German by IPS)
Elektro Ljubljana
Elektro Ljubljana
Elektro Ljubljana is pleased to endorse IPS-ENERGY™ system. It provides a modern and transparent approach in the field of power system mobile data management and intelligent maintenance execution. IPS-ENERGY™ is adapted to existing and future technologies. With new developments in testing methodologies it provides a standard, simple and vendor-independent maintenance guide. The combination of modern test equipment and IPS-ENERGY™ intelligent maintenance system represents a precious tool to maintenance engineer to spread his knowledge and understanding of power system. This makes an employee much more than just an asset on the testing field. Capabilities of the IPS-ENERGY™ in the field of protective relays data, testing and setting management had improve significant our power system reliability and saved our costs in the entire working process.