IPS-PSM™ (Professional Setting Management)

This module group, PSM stands for Professional Setting Management, allows you to manage your relay settings in a very professional way, making a distinction between variable (or sheet) parameters (i.e. parameters that are dependent on relay physical location) and base parameters (i.e. relay parameters that are independent of relay physical location).It includes also fast search algorithms allowing you to monitor/supervise some specific relay parameter values through the whole IPS-ENERGY™ database.
Major benefits are a better control of all the relay setting values (making 100% sure that what must remain constant or unchanged remains constant).

  • Relay Browser

    Relay Browser lists you all relays defined in your IPS-ENERGY™ database, without the location tree display.

  • Base Settings Management

    Base Settings Management allows you to define your own base parameter templates (i.e. list of parameters), and parameter sets (i.e. templates with parameter values).

  • Prot. Functions Management

    Protection Functions Management allows you to define various relay protection functions for given relay patterns. The Inter-Relay Function Viewer allows you to view all selected parameter over all relays in your network. This data quality control can be used for checking the value for instance of Autorecloser or Frequency protection function over your entire network.

  • Grading Diagram Management

    Grading Diagram Management allows you to store diagrams in IPS-ENERGY™ database and assign them to given relay setting record.

  • Inter Relay Parameter Viewer

    Inter-Relay Parameter Viewer allows you to define list of parameters that you would like to check through your entire network.

  • Data Viewer

    Data Viewer is a list of all relevant relay data, including, settings, relay setting comparison, and testing records.