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Intelligent Technical Asset and Maintenance Management

2. IPS-ENERGY™ Executive
3. IPS-ENERGY™ Enterprise

IPS-ENERGY™ is our software solution specialized for power utilities for their overall technical asset and maintenance management. We offer three different software editions for managing all types of work: IPS-ENERGY™ Core, IPS-ENERGY™ Executive, and IPS-ENERGY™ Enterprise.
IPS-ENERGY™ Core is our basic requirement for the IPS-ENERGY™ modular database system for asset management and administration.

IPS-ENERGY™ Executive offers you, in addition to asset management and administration, a powerful solution for mobile execution and reporting of maintenance and commissioning.

IPS-ENERGY™ Enterprise is our most powerful package, which includes—besides all IPS-ENERGY™ Core and Enterprise features—a solution for the planning, analysis, and evaluation of maintenance as well as work order management.

Information Security Management System for Electrical Power Systems

IPS-ENERGY™ ISMS is the only software that really addresses the ISMS needs for power grid assets.

This edition is part of the modular database system IPS-ENERGY™ which is our solution for asset and maintenance management. IPS-ENERGY™ ISMS can be used standalone or integrated with other ERP Systems (SAP, MAXIMO, etc.)

Enterprise Protection Information System

1. IPS-EPIS™ Basic
2. IPS-EPIS™ Core
3. IPS-EPIS™ Executive
4. IPS-EPIS™ Enterprise

IPS-EPIS™ Basic has been developed especially for the management of power system protection and to provide a highly specialized protective relay data, setting, and testing management.

IPS–EPIS™ is the acronym for Enterprise Protection Information System, and it contains our comprehensive power system protection software. This includes data, setting, and testing management and life cycle management of protective relays.

IPS-EPIS™ can also be combined with the various available IPS-Module groups. Therefore, IPS-EPIS™ is also available in three other different editions to provide power utilities with the most customized solutions for their needs.

Technical Data Intelligence and Asset Diagnostic

1. IPS-SmartGridDI™ Core
2. IPS-SmartGridDI™ Executive
3. IPS-SmartGridDI™ Enterprise

IPS-SmartGridDI™ is our new and high-performance universal data intelligence and asset diagnostic system and the smartest way to collect, centralize, work with, and publish your important data across the entire enterprise. With the different editions, IPS-SmartGridDI™ SPY, IPS-SmartGridDI™ ACTIONS, IPS-SmartGridDI™ ANALYSIS, and IPS-SmartGridDI™ PUBLISHER, four powerful and special tools for all customer needs are available.

Web Suite

IPS-WebSuite™ is our powerful Web-frontend for almost all existing IPS-SYSTEMS™ applications. On the next page, you can find more information about the functionalities and benefits of our IPS-WebSuite™ solution.


World-leading technology for protective relay management is also available online. Our specialized software solutions, now available as cloud services, are tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises. Use our online solution and save on investment costs. Take advantage of our pay-as-you-go services. Use our solutions for a small monthly fee depending on the real usage. Your data are safe with IPS. Communication with IPS services is always encrypted. Your success is our commitment with the IPS-CLOUD™.

Standalone Interfacing Products

Bidirectional interfacing between IPS-SYSTEMS™ and third-party software solutions such as CAPE™, SAP ™, and several others. Follow this link to get more information about IPS-Bridge™.