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Centralized Asset and Maintenance Management
Centralized Asset and Maintenance Management for Consumer-Owned Utilities
  • Single, easy to access repository for all critical assets, maintenance and planning reduces the cost of data management and time to locate critical data for Electric Cooperative and Public Power Utilities.

  • SmartGridDITM Intelligent Analytics Improve Predictive and Condition-based Maintenance: Analytics enable data- driven informed decisions and improve the ability to answer critical questions about the state of your assets.

  • Reduce Outages and Total Cost to Better Serve Your Members and Community: Automated Maintenance planning and work order creation reduce man-hour requirements, total cost of ownership of assets, and supports automated work orders for non-planned outages.

  • Improve NERC Compliance Data and Reporting: Automated asset management helps maintain all required NERC data and maintenance/inspection/testing records and provides out of the box and custom reports as required.

  • Flexible options
    • Implementation: Includes faster Turnkey Implementation Package options
    • Cloud-based or on-site installation
    • Flexible pricing options
    • Configurable to nearly any environment
Asset Type Explorer Screen Shows Listing of Assets and Prepopulated Asset Type Data
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